General Surgery

At Bike Doctor we offer full and highly professional bike servicing. We use newest technologies and components and specialize in servicing high class enduro, mountain, cross country and road bikes. Additionally, we do maintenance on electric bikes with BOSCH drives. Our workshop offers a wide range of services – from small adjustments to comprehensive maintenance, building wheels with the use of strain gauge or specialist suspension checks. We can do pretty much anything with your bike. We have a fully equipped workshop and use the best of Park Tool tools. Our services are always done to the highest quality, precision and with upmost care for details. We use best grade oils, lubricants and components from brands like Sram, Őhlins, Shimano, Avid, A2Z, KCNC, Rithey, ESI, Ashima, Unex, Trezado, Maxxis, Banless, Banana Bikes, Racing Bross, SKF, among others. We appraise each bike individually and treat it with passion, so that you can fully enjoy your ride.

Suspension surgery

Bike Doctor service is also a highly specialized suspension service of dampers, suspension forks and dropper seat posts. Additionally, we’re Őhlins authorised suspension service. We have highest quality components and latest technologies at our disposal. This allows us to deliver our services fast and with upmost precision. Our facilities and tools include a Dutch Do Engineering vacuum pump, used by Moto GP and F1, among others. We fix and do maintenance on all major brands of dampers, forks and dropper seat posts, such as Fox, Rock Shox, BOS and Marzocchi. We generally use original lubes and service kits, but can offer alternatives. Additionally, we do mechanic fine tuning and suspension oil servicing. You can either post us your equipment or visit us in person. We’d also like to invite you to use our Őhlins testing centre, where you can try out this leading brand on your own bike.


In Spring 2020 we opened a new shopping pavilion, which completes our business offer. That’s where we meet our clients, receive and return bikes for servicing, quote on repairs and pick parts. This additional space allowed us to showcase our key products. We are an authorized service and seller of Öhlins and we’re proud to represent their brand. Apart from that we offer the full spectrum of RockShox products, as we are their official distributor and service. We complete our offer as/with professional service and seller of FOX suspensions. Additionally, we stock below brands:
Broad range of products from Maxxis and Michelin Highest quality wheels, built by ourselves using DT components

In our shop you can also find:
- ESI – grips
- Fabric – grips, saddles
- Selle SMP – saddles
- One UP – saddle poles, shifters, composite pedals, grips, chainsets and carbon handlebars
- Banless – oval chainrings
- Stan’s NoTubes – tire sealants
- Joe’s No-Flats – tire sealants, bike cosmetics, fix kits
- SunRace – cassettes
- Ashima – brake pads, brake hoses and lines
- A2Z – block and disc brake pads
- EBC – brake pads
- KMC – chains
- Fidlock – water bottle
- Bimber – socks, water bottles, tubulars. It is also possible to pick up your personal orders from our store.

In 2021 we’re planning to introduce another top brand – GARBARUK. They’re a highly quality producer of aluminum bike components, such as durable cassettes and chainsets.
If you haven’t found what you were looking for on our website, come in to the shop or give us a call. We’ll happily give you advice and find what you’re after. We cooperate with numerous producers and distributors, which gives us access to plenty of polish and overseas wholesalers of components and parts. We’re waiting for you!







Maciej Wojtowicz

My company came to life from my passion, which I’ve been nurturing for over 20 years. Bike Doctor Service is my dream come true when it comes to sharing my passion and knowledge, as well as an opportunity to make bikes better, faster and lighter. A path to achieving my dream wasn’t easy and it threw a lot of challenges at me. Along the way I worked with the National Team and top polish competitors, at European Games in Baku, organized training groupings and took part in World Cups. I also had the pleasure of working on one team with Maja Włoszczowska. I use all of this experience to the best of my ability so that the visit to Bike Doctor brings a never leaving smile to your face. I carefully select my team, so that we can offer the highest possible service to our clients. I continually develop my skills, both as a mechanic and as a rider, which helps me develop my business and the expertise we offer. As a mechanic and business owner I happily share my knowledge and advise the best solutions. Sincerity, truthfulness, professionalism and honesty are all values which I hold in high regard and which represent me and my team.

Jakub Wilczok

I am passionately in love with bikes, discouraged by pharmaceutics and at Bike Doctor Service I safeguard the proper organization of workflow. I support the growth of the company by looking after international clients and orders. I am additionally responsible for servicing of the Bosch electric drives. I look for alternative outcomes, so that our offer best responds to your needs.

Krysia Wojtowicz

Since my childhood I’ve always been actively participating in numerous sport disciplines, such as swimming, gymnastics or archery. My biggest passion however was always horsemanship, which I studied at University and then turned into profession. As a rider working with young horses I had an opportunity to live abroad for a few years. Since coming back to Poland and meeting Maciej Bike Doctor I’ve became keenly interested in mountain riding. Recently I started participating in endure MTB competitions, which gives me great joy and satisfaction. At Bike Doctor I deal mostly with all admin issues, orders and client liaison. You’re most likely to meet me in our pavilion leaving or picking up your bike.

Łukasz Kojro

I became fascinated with cycling in 2021. I took my first ‘steps’ mostly riding pathways on my fixed gear bike. Now I’m more into endure and XC. I got to know mechanics and how bikes work taking apart my own equipment. In the beginning, I was offering simple services and maintenances and got into old bike renovations. Later on, I started putting new bikes together from parts and became known for it – bike mechanics became my passion. It was then that I joined the Bike Doctor Service, where I observed and assisted Maciek in the workshop. Under his watchful eye I started to work, develop and grow my knowledge about bike servicing. On the whole I aim to realize my tasks to the highest quality, with rider’s satisfaction and reliability of the equipment in mind and taking into account the visual aspects of the final result.

Daniel Grzesik

My adventure with bike repairs started in 1991, when I broke the frame of my 16’’ Reksio. Fortunately, it was welded back by my neighbour. With years going by my bikes changed, but my passion was the same. Each year I would make a few thousands of kilometers on my old-school mountain and folding bikes. While I was studying, I had an opportunity to work in a bike shop in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (as I come from those parts). That’s where I learned from the best mechanics and spent time with other like-minded bike freaks. My horizons grew and I developed my knowledge about light-bikes, retro mtb and bmx. I also developed a passion for racing in marathons, but that was cut short by an injury. I reached another level of professionalism working as a mechanic for Mariusz Bryja and Robert Piekara – both polish champions in enduro MTB. In the same role I worked during the Red Bull Festival. Rich in these experiences I now fulfill my passion in the suspension department at the Bike Doctor, servicing and fine tuning your gear, so that you can enjoy your rides.

Damian Karpeta

My cycling adventure started when I was 13 years old. I began by dirt jumping on a track I built behind my family home in Skarżysko-Kamienna. My growing passion meant that my whole life started to revolve around bikes. I began building and servicing my own bikes and with time also those of my friends. After graduating from high school I went to University in Kraków. I wasn’t into dirt jumping anymore, but I became more and more interested in exploring forest paths on full suspension bikes. Towards the end of my studies, I started to work in a bike workshop. That’s when my passion turned into a profession. Cycling and servicing have accompanied me for over 15 years now. I use my knowledge to fulfill my given tasks to the best of my abilities. In my work I prioritize quality and precision, which ensures failure-free equipment. I do want to make sure your bike works beautifully when out on the road. My move to Bielsko and joining the Bike Doctor Service motivates me even more to learn and grow in the field of cycling.


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I’ve been riding enduro bikes for the last four years. It’s the first type of gravitational cycling I’ve ever tried in my life. Before cycling I used to do motocross racing, which made it easier to enter the world of mtb. At the beginning my bike was my passion, now it is my life.
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Following in my dad’s footsteps I went totally bike crazy at the age of 4 years old. Since then, me and my bike became inseparable. Couple of seasons ago I started riding enduro and now I know that’s the style I’ve been looking for.
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